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Legacy Cover Legacy On The LandAudrey and Frank Peterman have been pioneers in the green and  conservation movement since 1995.They are among the leading experts on America’s publicly-owned lands system. They are tenacious advocates for breaking the color barrier and  integration of our natural treasures as a way for all Americans, including children, youth, adults and seniors regardless of ethnic  heritage to better appreciate our collective history and achieve a truly democratic society.

Audrey’s journalistic abilities are apparent in Legacy on the Land as she so vividly describes their adventures from the east to the west coast in the national parks.

Opening the door to a little-known world of beauty, history, inspiration and opportunity
in our own backyards:

Legacy on the Land: A Black Couple Discovers Our National Inheritance and Tells Why Every American Should Care.

• Exhorts us to explore these public lands while exposing our children to their birthright.

• Demolishes the common stereotype that people of color are not interested in the environment.

• Reveals the systemic barriers that keep the face of conservation white and Anglo.

• Shows that all Americans have a role to play in the protection of our public lands, and that our environment can only be “saved” when all of us are included and committed to the effort.

Who’s using “Legacy on the Land?”

Recognizing the unique value of Legacy, the following agencies and organizations have bought Legacy in bulk:

  • The Board of Trustees, the National Parks Conservation Association (
  • The National Council, the Wilderness Society (
  • The Board of Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper  (
  • The National Parks Second Century Commission (
  • The American Recreation Coalition (
  • The USDA Forest Service (

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“Few people know the parks as well as Audrey and Frank, and the excitement that they bring to the issue is inspiring and contagious.”
Robert G. Stanton, Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Office of Policy, Management and Budget, Department of the Interior; Director of the National Park System 1996 – 2000