Wild Bull Hunting. ‘Ahiu Hawaii TV Show



  • ahiuhawaiidotcom says:

    @TheWjl1234 When you move call us we can definitely help you out! 808-769-9453

  • ahiuhawaiidotcom says:

    @HiMinds Aloha! Yep you definitely seen a husky going for that pig! He was a not bad tracking dog, but mostly a EXCELLENT dog that could stop pigs that would break loose! Alot of people like certain breeds, but how the way we look at it its asiclly up to the dog if it wants to hunt or not….

  • linkavitchC says:

    how many are you allowed to harvest a year? is there a lottery? are these on public land. i knew about boar hunting, this is is awesome. im more of a beef fan anyways. any info on hunting cow or bulls on hawaii?

  • TheWjl1234 says:

    can wait till i move here in like a year!!

  • HiMinds says:

    did i see a husky going after that pig in the opening?

  • trexeater101 says:

    and also the domestic ones are behind a fence..

  • ahiuhawaiidotcom says:

    @VK4LA Mahalo!! we will definitely keep the videos coming!!……ALoha!

  • VK4LA says:

    Great Video Guys well done , keep them videos commin ok ..ya got an aussie hunter interested …..

  • ahiuhawaiidotcom says:

    @StewartLucrative Aloha! You know that was very odd for the flys to just swarm in like that. The only thing we could think of was there were so much cattle in the area that alot of flies were already there. Because if you watch the second part of the hunt there were no flies……

  • StewartLucrative says:

    Is it normal for the flys to start immediately swarming like that? Are there more flys in hawaii?

  • Scrap5000 says:

    @ahiuhawaiidotcom Whhhhaaaatttt?? You guys should open up a USDA inspected processing plant there & make MAD GEESH (money) on the butchering…that’s gotta be cheaper than having it shipped overseas to the mainland & back…you could make millions by becoming the cheapest facility, man; everyone will come to you, no?

  • ahiuhawaiidotcom says:

    @Scrap5000 there is a small taste of that game flavor……but alot of people dont know in the islands that the cattle that they are eating are majority from the big island. this is how it works…… whatever animals that are caught wild, and of course the ween offs, get shipped to the Mainland. then they are processed, then shipped back to the islands. weird…..

  • Scrap5000 says:

    By the way, does it taste the same as ranch raised cattle, or does it taste gamey like deer?

  • Scrap5000 says:

    This is the Hawaii I want to visit!!

  • ahiuhawaiidotcom says:

    t@dlvmark Thank you! we will be posting new videos soon!!

  • dlvmark says:

    Way cool bro.

  • HiMinds says:

    thats funny, you copy and pasted that first part from Hawaii safaris

  • ahiuhawaiidotcom says:

    @paniolo2016 im Portugese, Filipino, and not to forget HAWAIIAN. Middle name is Kahikina which means the rising from the east. Born, lived, hunted, fished, dived here in Hawaii all my life. SOOOO it seems to me that Hawaiian Home Lands is for the Hawaiians like myself, to practice our traditions that were past on from our ancestors. But to end this all in a good note, the area that we hunted is not Hawaiian Home Lands…..

  • paniolo2016 says:

    thats all hawaiian homes lands that the cattle is on. you guys are poaching . and you guys call yourselves hunters! have some class!

  • verbaldemon says:

    Hats off to you bradda man…I really enjoyed this segment especially incorporating the old films, aswell as the cooking scene into this episode. What I appreciate also is the fact that your guys are self sufficient, being that hawaii is so expensive hunting and eating ure harvest is a good way to offset expenses….so have u asked cory how long that meat will last his family, and also did u guys just make hamburger? no steak cuts? no short ribs? Keep up the good work ahiu hawaii aloha!

  • ahiuhawaiidotcom says:

    @ilocosboy at all times we try to use the insides. (like the stomach, intestines) but it all depends on/and where we are. if were far in the mountain like the episode that you just watched we remove only all the meat so that we can pack it out.

  • ilocosboy says:

    after taking the meat, what happen to the rest of the bull?

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